Earg Rub http://eargrub.com My WordPress Blog Fri, 23 Aug 2019 09:11:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.0.4 http://eargrub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/EAR-GRUB-favicon-150x150.png Earg Rub http://eargrub.com 32 32 How does Counseling and Therapy sessions help to overcome Depression? http://eargrub.com/how-does-counseling-and-therapy-sessions-help-to-overcome-depression/ http://eargrub.com/how-does-counseling-and-therapy-sessions-help-to-overcome-depression/#respond Fri, 23 Aug 2019 09:11:32 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=174 With our fast forward life and work, we are always running after something. This fast-paced life offers lesser opportunities for proper communication which breaks down social interactions. Depression is a common mental issue, especially among the younger generation.

To make matters worse we don’t always take Mental Illness seriously and this leads to worsening the situation. Nowadays numerous Universities and Colleges are coming up with new therapy sessions for their students and teachers as well. What we need is depression counseling and effective therapy sessions.

Let us see how we can reduce mental stress through therapy sessions to cure depression:

First of all, it is very important to understand what kind of depression or mental illness is the person going through. Various forms of cure are available as therapy for these people.

Therapy sessions give you a third-person perspective of your problems. Sometimes a professional psychiatric can offer an objective solution.

Some people are not comfortable with talking about their problems with the family so they can go to various stress-relieving sessions that are offered by various Hospitals nowadays. Sessions are also done over Skype, telephone or even under the guidance of a life coach.

Mindfulness is an effective method to reduce stress and depression. Mindfulness teaches us to be more present in our life and appreciate what we have in our difficult times. Grasping the real. Essence of things and situations is what is important for people taking lessons in Mindfulness.

By changing certain life strategies and set of habits can bring about a big change in someone’s life. Depression is triggered by certain things which spread negativity. These things or people should be avoided to overcome depression.

Other Collective Therapy Sessions:

Therapy sessions are requesting their patients to take up a new hobby. Something that relaxes the mind and body. It can be a dance lesson or singing. One can even visit certain places and volunteer to do some social work as well. Helping others can also help your situation.  This is also known as “Art Therapy”.

Adopting a pet who is need of a good home is one of the most effective Therapy you can go through. Having a pet for companionship can uplift your mood.  It also helps with depression counseling.

Medication is prescribed by therapists to gain some self-esteem and peace of mind. It also helps you to analyse situations with a calmer attitude.

Group Therapy is also very effective as far as depression counselingis concerned. Talking and sharing some problems with others can make a change in your own life.

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Wisdom Teeth Pain: What Causes It And What Can You Do About http://eargrub.com/wisdom-teeth-pain-what-causes-it-and-what-can-you-do-about/ http://eargrub.com/wisdom-teeth-pain-what-causes-it-and-what-can-you-do-about/#respond Thu, 08 Aug 2019 12:43:06 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=170 Any kind of toothache is a nightmare everyone wants to avoid. For many, the cause of the pain can be untreated tooth decay that is remedied after one visit to their local dentist. However, for the unlucky few who are experiencing wisdom tooth jaw pain, the road to pain relief might be more complicated.

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers about wisdom teeth, pain and the possible solutions or remedies that can help patients:

  1. What are the common signs and symptoms of wisdom tooth pain?

Since there are a number of possible reasons for toothache it is best to narrow down the symptoms. Of course, only a dentist will be able to confirm is the pain and discomfort are brought about by your wisdom teeth, but sometimes it is good to know the signs for yourself. These are the most common signs that your wisdom teeth are the culprit for the pain:

Discomfort is persistent and located at the very back of the jaw.

Gums around the area are red, swollen, and tender.

Constant head and earache that doesn’t go away after medication.

Fever or other signs of an infection.

Patients who are experiencing two or more of these symptoms are advised to schedule a dental checkup as soon as possible.

  1. What is the cause of the pain?

The most common reason for pain and discomfort is an impacted wisdom tooth. This means the tooth is crooked, it might be pushing the other tooth beside it, or there is a general lack of room for the new tooth. Due to these complications, an infection can occur which will heighten the pain.

  1. Does everyone experience wisdom tooth jaw pain?

Fortunately for some, their wisdom teeth can erupt without pain or any complications. However, for many, the jaw pain can come and go at random moments and lead them to believe it is caused by some other factor.

Those concerned about their wisdom teeth or any kind of oral pain should see their dentist immediately to avoid further complications.

  1. What are common remedies for wisdom tooth pain?

Patients who have already scheduled their dentist appointment, but still need some form of pain relief can use these methods:

Ice chips placed near the swollen gums or the infected area can provide temporary relief.

Over the counter pain relievers can also be used to help patients sleep at night or to relax before seeing their dentist.

Doing a warm salt water rinse will gently clean the mouth of any food particles that can lead to an infection. Plus, the warm salt water can provide some comfort when the pain gets too intense.

  1. Is there a permanent solution?

All the remedies mentioned above are temporary. There is only one real permanent solution that will address the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth: extraction. If the tooth or teeth are not extracted, the pain will remain and in most cases, it can get even more painful.

Consult with your local dentist about the next steps so you can live a pain-free life once again.

Do not ignore your wisdom tooth jaw pain and consult an expert today. Contact us at Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery clinic to set an appointment.


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Make water more sustainable with RO UV water purifier http://eargrub.com/make-water-more-sustainable-with-ro-uv-water-purifier/ http://eargrub.com/make-water-more-sustainable-with-ro-uv-water-purifier/#respond Mon, 05 Aug 2019 09:39:46 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=166 Water helps us to be hydrated and fit. As almost 60% of our body weight comprises of water, it has a crucial role in the physiological system of our bodies. Water helps in regulating many biological reactions taken place in our bodies. Water acts as a mediator in delivering nutrients to body cells to keep our bodies healthy. Flushing out wastes from our body is also done by water. So, in nutshell water is inseparable from our lives because of having extreme importance. We have to consume 2-3 litres of water on average to keep us safe from dehydration. So, a large quantity of water is needed daily to keep our system healthy, and this ample amount of water has to be pure and potable or safe for drinking. Otherwise, impure water intake can cause life-threatening hazards and even death too.  So, it is very important to drink safe to use water to lead a hazard-free life. And here comes the importance of water purifiers. The water is generally contaminated with so many substances including arsenic, cadmium, barium, chromium, ammonia etc. There can be numerous germs and living microbes in your drinking water too if not treated properly. Water purifiers help to get rid of this contamination and provide us with potable water.

Modern technologies that have been applied on water purifiers to achieve the best result include RO technology, UF technology, UV technology etc. Before any advanced technology showed up, there was a practice of chlorination or adding chlorine to the water.

The ancient practice of purifying water

People used to add chlorine to the water to make it safe for drinking. But researches and studies showed that though it is effective in killing toxic material present in water, chlorine itself is toxic to our body. So, the over intake of chlorine can level up the toxicity and can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain etc. So, there was a need for modern technology to bring us something capable of purifying water without causing any harm to us.

Modern technologies used nowadays in water purifiers

RO Technology

The RO technology or reverse osmosis technology is considered to be one of the most efficient ones to eradicate the harmful microbes and toxic material from water and makes it potable. The hard water requires this treatment because it works well on hard water. A semi-permeable membrane is used here to trap all the impurities dissolved in water. The pores present in the membrane traps the unwanted material, and the pure, clear water is left for drinking.

The UF technology

UF technology resembles Ultrafiltration technology. This is almost as same as the RO technology. But the only difference between the two processes is that UF technology is done with the help of the semi-permeable membrane, which has more prominent pores. The water coming off from RO technology sometimes lacks in minerals, but the UF technology has overcome the issue.

UV Technology

The ultraviolet ray is the key to UV technology. This technology is comprised of a lamp that emits UV ray. This UV ray works as a miracle in terms of destroying harmful and toxic microbes. Almost 99.99% microbes can be killed at once, and complete pure water is ensured. This is the most effective techniques to be used in the water purifier to date.

There are several water purifiers available in the market consisting of the technologies mentioned above. It seems like a challenge to sort out the best water purifiers that too within budget. The efficiency of RO and UV water purifier seems like a magic as the water purifies consist of both of the technologies to minimize the chance of contamination. Here some suggestions of best ro uv water purifier are mentioned for your help-

Blue Star Aristo RO and UV 7 Litre Water Purifier

  • It consists of the latest technology that is RO+UV filtration
  • A giant 10-inch Large filter for effective cleaning of water
  • Child lock feature for any mishandling by children
  • Alerts and indicators to make you updated what is going on

Aquasure from Eureka Forbes 6 Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

  • It consists of an energy-saving facility that ensures minimum consumption of electrics.
  • It can function efficiently at 230 watts
  • It has a 6 litres water storage capacity with water level indicator to detect the purification level
  • the MTDS technology helps to control the taste of water. In India, we have so many sources to get our drinking water. Hence, it is essential to maintain the flavour.

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO+UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

  • The water purification system consists of six stages
  • Added mineralizer for healthy water
  • Food grade plastic is used for the water tank

 These are some of the best ro and uv water purifier available in the market recommended by users.

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3 Best CBD Oil Drinks to Help You Relax on the Weekends http://eargrub.com/3-best-cbd-oil-drinks-to-help-you-relax-on-the-weekends/ http://eargrub.com/3-best-cbd-oil-drinks-to-help-you-relax-on-the-weekends/#respond Sun, 21 Jul 2019 10:26:17 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=162 During the weekends, we definitely understand if you would prefer to stay in and relax at home. However, this does not mean that you will not have the fun you need and deserve, right? So, make it a point to try these 3 CBD-infused drinks:

CBD Mango Smoothie

Nothing beats a generous serving of mango smoothie made of fresh, ripe mangos combined with orange juice and coconut milk. For this recipe, what you will need is 1 cup of blood orange juice (or the good old orange juice), 1/3 cup of fresh coconut milk, CBD oil, 2 sliced large mangoes (partially frozen) and a ½ cup of ice.

Simply place all the ingredients, except for the mango and ice, in a blender and blend until creamy. Then, add the mango and ice. Make sure to blend until you get your desired texture, serve and enjoy!

Gin & Tonic with CBD Oil

If a cold serving of fruit smoothie does not hit the spot, you might want to opt for an alcoholic drink to calm your stressed nerves. For a quick fix, why not try CBD gin & tonic? It is simple, satisfying, refreshing and most of all, easy to make!

You only need to combine 1 ½ ounce of gin, 3 ½ ounces of tonic water, a ¼ ounce of lemon juice, and ice in a glass wine. Then, place the aromatics of your choice in the glass. This could be marijuana leaves, herbs and other similar ingredients. Finally, pour the cannabidiol oil on the drink. Viola! Your cannabidiol drink is ready for you to enjoy.

CBD Chocolate Latte

Now, if you are not fond of cold drinks and alcoholic ones, why not opt for a rich mug of chocolate latte infused with cannabidiol? This recipe is certainly fulfilling as it will give you an artisanal-style drink filled with chocolatey and cannabis goodness. What’s better is that it is easy to make.

In a pot, place 1 cup unsweetened plant-based milk, 1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of sea salt and flavorings of your choice. Then, simmer the ingredients over medium heat. Once the concoction simmers, remove the pot from heat then gently whisk in the oil. Serve in a mug and drink hot or cold.

Why CBD?

Cannabidiol is known as the highly medicinal component of the cannabis plant. Unlike the other popular cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that consuming this ingredient does not have hallucinatory of mind-altering effects, making your drinks not only fun, but also a beneficial and safe! Order your CBD Oil here.

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Maintain your oral hygiene for getting best oral health http://eargrub.com/maintain-your-oral-hygiene-for-getting-best-oral-health/ http://eargrub.com/maintain-your-oral-hygiene-for-getting-best-oral-health/#respond Mon, 08 Jul 2019 05:04:46 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=146 There are lots of bacteria living in your mouth in which many bacteria cause plaque, cavities, and gingivitis. If you want to enhance your smile then it is important for you to develop healthy oral hygiene habits every day. Regular dentist check up of teeth can maintain the health of your teeth and provide you the best smile with healthy teeth and gum. With the help of oral hygiene tips by the dentist you can minimize the risk of tooth decay and surgeries. 

Various oral hygiene teeth

Use proper brushing technique –   if you want to maintain your oral hygiene then you should use proper brushing technique. You should place the brush at 45 degree angle against your gum than move your brush back gently in short strokes.  It is important for you to brush the outer, inner and chewing surface of teeth for cleaning your teeth and prevent the chances of infection. For fresh breath, you should also brush your tongue. 

Pick right brush – if you are choosing brush then you should select the right size of brush head and bristles. For cleaning every corner of your teeth you should chose small head brush with soft bristles so that you can easily clean the hidden food debris. With the help of dentists, you can choose the right kind of brush for cleaning your teeth, gum and tongue. 

Floss properly – like brushing, it is important for you to do flossing properly.  You should hold the floss tightly between thumb and forefinger. With the help of gentle rubbing, you should guide the flossing. If floss reaches on the tooth line then you should curve it into C-shape against one tooth. You should repeat this process many times for cleaning your teeth.  By flossing your teeth, you can also remove the debris from the teeth that your brush does not remove. 

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Different roles of the nurse: http://eargrub.com/different-roles-of-the-nurse/ http://eargrub.com/different-roles-of-the-nurse/#respond Sat, 06 Jul 2019 13:29:37 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=142 The different roles of nurses are based primarily on the level of education and experience. Following are some of the roles of nurses:

  • Registered nurses help the doctors to carry on the treatment of the patient in a good manner. Nurses are also able to set the apparatus and machinery for the doctor, and they have a deep knowledge to read the reports and analytics from modern machinery. These nurses have a bachelor degree in nursing.
  • Licensed nurses have at least an associate degree in nursing. These nurses have a variety of tasks to perform. These nurses check the condition of patients regularly, and they make reports. Their job also includes checking the medicines of the patients regularly.
  • A nurse specialist is quite experienced in her field. She uses her experience and knowledge to get the patients out of the disease.
  • A nurse practitioner works under a physician. She is capable of diagnosing disease. She is also able to make a treatment plan for the betterment of the patients.
  • An intensive care unit registered nurse has more experience in her field. Therefore, she performs her duty at the sensitive place. She also serves as a communicator between the patient and the relatives of the patients.1

Purpose of the nursing department:

The purpose of nurses is advocated completely by the nature of their work. Better healing of the patients is observed by the duty of nurses. Nurses can relieve the patient from mental stress. Nursing care for patients at home [พยาบาลดูแลผู้ป่วยที่บ้าน which is the term in thai] is an easy way of getting a patient out of worries. They are particularly trained in humor so they can make the patient mentally stable. When a person gets stable mentally, all the other problems of his life disappear in no time. Without nursing, the proper care and fast recovery of the patients would not be possible. Doctors diagnose the patients but do not develop a sort of relationship with the patient for treatment.

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Get Rid Of OSA Related Issue With Armod http://eargrub.com/get-rid-of-osa-related-issue-with-armod/ http://eargrub.com/get-rid-of-osa-related-issue-with-armod/#respond Fri, 28 Jun 2019 13:12:11 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=133 Also known as generic Armod, it falls under the formulation of armodafinil and it is noted to be a wakefulness based medicine. This medication is mainly used officially for shift work sleep disorder, narcolepsy and even to resolve OSA. However, this medication is widely used as off-label medicine for covering some common conditions like sleepiness, jet lag, apathy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and similar such issues, which are basic result of depression and some of the other physical and mental disorders. It can further be used as cognitive function based enhancer in some of the healthy individuals. You can check out the medication guide for some more details.

Preparation available for the Armod:

Armod is stated to be one of the major names as registered under certain drug manufacturer for the substance known as Armodafinil. It is stated to be an anti-narcoleptic agent and also a cognitive form of function enhancer. The main substance was approved to be properly used in the USA in 2007 after going through some serious years of research. At present, as per the latest conditions, it can further be produced by some of the other pharmaceutical companies and will be sold under multiple names.

  • The primary indication for the pill use is associated with narcolepsy. It is one such condition where the individual mainly suffers from daytime sleepiness on a daily basis, without finding any particular reason behind it. Well, the preparation is also called smart medication, where it is used as off-label for covering cognitive function improvements like focus, memory, motivation, productivity and more.]
  • At a previous stage, narcolepsy therapy and even the enhancement of the present cognitive functions were associated with the use of some chosen medications like amphetamines. Right now, the use has been stopped because Armodafinil does it better and without much of side effect. So, using this medicine will not lead to any quicker addiction development and won’t get along with possible deterioration of any mental state.
  • Before developing this medication, another medication was introduced in the market with the same effect, known as Modafinil. It was used since middle 90s of 20th century. It comprises of the same action but with lower dosage for enjoying longer effect. 

The right time for you to purchase generic armodafinil:

If you have proper permission from your doctor to purchase this medication with prescription under your name, then you can easily get hold of this medicine. For that, you have to show the prescription at the pharmaceutical center for help. But, if you fail to get any recommendation from doctor, it is always wise to head towards a medical exam first from doctor. 

  • If the medical exam fails to show that you have some issues with health that needs to get addressed, you can always get medicine and then start using it, even when you don’t have any of the critical conditions like narcolepsy, OSA and more.
  • This preparation is mainly of an off-label product, which will provide the same function but in lower rates. It is used by people not because they have medical usage for it, but because they feel like enhancing their cognitive functions like ability to focus, memory and work without distractions. 
  • Those people who want to increase the thought processing speed, efficiency level and more, will always end up using the off label brand of this medication, without spending a hefty amount from the pocket lately. This medication is rather safe as noted and won’t let you get addicted like amphetamines.
  • Yes, chances are high that you might develop one psychological dependency on the effects of this off-label branded medicine as it might make you feel more energetic than usual and help you to be more productive, but that will not harm your body if you plan to discontinue the usage of this medication. 
  • To avoid such dependency on the medicine, it is advisable that you take complete care of your health first so that you do not have to rely on pills, on the first place. Your health should be well associated with good diet, proficient and enough exercising, relaxing time and even providing your mind with the much needful rest.

Adding such simple notes into your life can easily help in creating a major difference without eve focusing on the wakefulness pills and even when you want to get rid of the sleepless night or even jet lag. There is no need to rely on medicated pills for that, s it is not advisable to get along with pills on a daily basis, on the first place!

When you have to avoid using this medicine:

If you want, you can get this Armod from RXShopMD.com instantly but you do not have to in some of the instances. There are some cases, when the doctors will recommend you to keep this medication at bay. Well, this medicine is safe for potent effect that it might render. It is only advised to not add in your daily routine if you are suffering from any allergy or being victim of adverse reactions as caused by pill usage.

On the other hand, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is really important for you to consult a doctor first and see what they have to say about it. During such crucial stages of life, women are always asked to avoid any form of medication and only to get hold of such help if the situation is life threatening in nature. Other than that, it is important to not even think about not only this medication but of any form!

Consulting on the combination:

Before you try to add this medicine in your list, it is better to get into a consultation on the combination of this medicine with some of the other drugs. Some medications if combined with this one can lower the effect of this drug, and others might enhance it. Nothing is good for your body unless it is in proper proportions. So, it is vital to get in line with the best consultants for impeccable help around here. 

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Old Style Detox Shampoo Walkthrough http://eargrub.com/old-style-detox-shampoo-walkthrough/ http://eargrub.com/old-style-detox-shampoo-walkthrough/#respond Mon, 17 Jun 2019 06:46:13 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=128 Because of confusions around detoxifying shampoo, we think that a proper Old Style Detox Shampoo review was in order. A lot of people got confused about how these products work or where to buy them. Part of the issue is the origin and history of these kinds of products. There is a new style and old style Aloe Rid Shampoo.

We think that it is essential to know and understand the difference between the two because there is a vast difference. Not only that, there are a lot of fake products sold in the market today, and Aloe Rid Shampoo is not an exception, and people are getting ripped off because of this.

Plus, we also think that there is some misconception about what these hair products can do to get rid of all drug components, as well as what it cannot do. In this article, we will talk about how Old Style Detox can help people get rid of drug components in their hair follicles. By the end of this review, you will know everything and anything there is to know about this product.

To read more about this topic, you can visit websites like http://jmockit.org/old-style-aloe-toxin-rid-shampoo-review for more information.

What is an Old Style Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo?

Usually, there is a confusion around drug testing hair products because it is known by other names. Initially, it is called Old Style Detox Shampoo; there is also a New Style Detox, Aloe Rid clarifying, Aloe Toxin Rid or Aloe Rid old style. It was not created as a drug component removal shampoo at first.

But the product was designed to remove the free radicals, or the toxins from the hair, but the problem is, the shampoo contains a potent mixture of chemicals. In fact, that is why the old version was pulled out of the market. It was too strong for human consumption that it causes hair problems for people who are using it.

Because of these issues, the product was re-branded and reformulated. Some old style Aloe Rid was around for many years and they started to become more expensive as time goes by because it could effectively remove any toxins or drug components from the hair follicles.

To know more about drug detoxification, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_detoxification for more information.

But those days are finally gone, and we are pretty sure that every old style Aloe Rid Shampoo that is sold on the internet are that is not from the manufacturer is fake. These fake products are sold for at least $200, and some people still buy them hoping they will get the real one.

Why do you need an Old Style Detox Shampoo?

The reason why people needs and old style detox hair products is because the formula is too powerful to remove any drug components in the hair follicles. On top of that, the old version of aloe rid forms the foundation of the best method that you can pass a hair follicle drug testing, the Macujo method.

Since the old style Aloe Rid Toxin shampoo has been discontinued, the best way to get the product is to get it from a legitimate and reputable reseller or directly from the manufacturer. It helped people to condition their hair, and it leaves a feeling of smoothness as well as looking in good hair shape. The problem is, this product is very expensive.

For more hair drug testing facts, click here.

Old Style Aloe Rid ingredient and method to apply

We are not going to all the ingredients, but we will tackle the key components that made this product very effective, the propylene glycol. It is one of the few elements which can work its way into our hair follicles and help remove any unwanted toxins or free radicals.

Washing your hair using this product is very simple; you use it like any other regular shampoo. You use it a few times to make sure that you will get the result that you want. Be very thorough in using it to make sure it will reach your hair follicles. Because this product has powerful ingredients, you have to wash your hair thoroughly to ensure that you are free from both toxins and the chemical components of the shampoo.

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Health Benefits CBD Has to Offer http://eargrub.com/health-benefits-cbd-has-to-offer/ http://eargrub.com/health-benefits-cbd-has-to-offer/#respond Fri, 31 May 2019 13:30:53 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=124 Among the active phytochemicals found in the cannabis sativa plant is cannabidiol which once extracted, is used for medicinal purposes with great benefits in the body. Various cannabidiol formulations are available including CBD capsules, concentrates, edibles, patches, vaping oil and topicals. Once cannabidiol is ingested into the body, it is able to bind to endocannabinoid receptors activating them where it mediates various processes in the body with health benefits. These include;

CBD as Pain Relief

Once in the body, cannabidiol bind to endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune cells. These reduce inflammation by signaling of inflammatory cells to the site of pain origin blocking the transmission of pain signals through nerves to the brain. These alleviates pain and is effective for joint pain, back pain and muscle pains especially in patients with arthritis.

Reducing occurrence of seizures

Cannabidiol has proven to have anti-seizure properties when taken in epileptic patients. Once taken, it will increase the electrical activity of the brain reducing the occurrence of seizures.

Reduction of anxiety and depression

For patients suffering from stress and depression, Cannabidiol has proven to reduce levels of anxiety and depression by enhancing glutamine neurotransmission which causes anti-depressant effects in the body.

Reverses Osteoporosis

Cannabidiols have been known to strengthen bones, reduces pain and inflammation and also promotes repair of bone tissue cells. This helps in restoring brittle bones that are prone to fractures.

Improves health condition of the heart

Those patients suffering from high blood pressure, cannabidiol used is shown to reduce blood pressure, improve blood circulation by reducing blockage of arteries and also reduce inflammation of the heart improving its health.

Reducing oxidative stress 

Free radicals in the body as a result of oxidative stress are associated with diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Consumption of CBD has antioxidant properties which help in reducing the number of free radicles in the body thus reducing risks of developing cancer and heart problems.

Reducing Symptoms Associated with Schizophrenia

Cannabidiol is known to have anti-psychotic properties which help schizophrenic patients by reducing psychosis and associated hallucinations.

CBD for Skin Care

In improving skin conditions, Cannabidiol is applied onto the skin in the form of lotions. This helps in reducing acne, dead skin cells, maintaining skin moisture content and protecting the skin from bacterial infection making the skin healthy.  Indeed, CBD is perfect for skincare regimen.

Reduce the occurrence of diabetes

Cannabidiol consumption reduces the risks of developing obesity by helping in maintaining a healthy weight by reducing blood sugar concentrations, increasing fat breakdown in the body and increasing activity of the mitochondria which help in burning excess calories in the body. This reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Treatment of neurodegenerative disorders

Diseases symptoms of multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer disease are greatly improved by the consumption of cannabidiol. This is because they bind directly to neurological receptors reducing agitation, pain, and neuroinflammation.

However, excessive cannabidiol use or those without proper advised from health professionalsmay result with some side effects which include Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, General weakness, mood changes, and dry mouth

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Health Benefits of CBD  http://eargrub.com/health-benefits-of-cbd/ http://eargrub.com/health-benefits-of-cbd/#respond Fri, 31 May 2019 09:45:07 +0000 http://eargrub.com/?p=119 Cannabidiol also is known as CBD is one of the numerous cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant and whose popularity in the field of natural medicine is continuing to rise due to multiple health benefits it offers. CBD has been used in the treatment of cancer.

Although there are claims that CBD can be used to treat and cure cancer symptoms it has not been proven yet.

It is essential to understand that CBD is not similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is an active cannabinoid which makes one feel high when ingested or smoked. CBD can now be used in the treatment of chronic pain and anxiety.

Below are the Health Benefits of CBD

Stimulating appetite 

Most patients undergoing cancer treatment tend to experience loss of appetite and nausea. The symptoms usually make it difficult for patients to have a healthy weight.

Ingested cannabis which is rich in THC and delivers other cannabinoids into the bloodstream which has the capacity to stimulate the appetite, but CBD alone has not proven to contain this effect.


Cannabinoids and Cannabis such as CBD are very useful for patients with cancer who encounter frequent vomiting and nausea especially due to the effects of chemotherapy.

Antinausea effects seem to originate from THC in cannabis instead of CBD. Individuals in need of experimenting cannabis to regulate the effects of nausea need to prepare themselves for the possible psychoactive consequences of THC in prescribed cannabis products and discuss them with a medical professional.

A vast majority of people obtain relief from the low dosage of THC. Prescription variants of synthetic THC usually have little or no side effects.

CBD for Pain relief 

Cancer treatment may result in pain. The main reason why cancer causes pain is as a result of inflammation, nerve injury as well as the pressure on internal organs. When the extent of pain is critical it tends to become resistant to opioids which are extreme pain relievers.


This is one of the health benefits of CBD. CBD has shown positive results in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Some of the disorders treatable using CBD include panic disorder, social anxiety disorder as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lower Incidence Of Diabetes 

CBD oil reduces the incidence of diabetes by a huge fraction. Those using CBD have been able to lower the risk of contracting this disease and this is a clear indication that this oil is used in the treatment of diabetes.

The CBD has the ability to lower the insulin levels thereby minimizing the chances of getting infected with diabetes.

The above are some of the health benefits of CBD. When consumed one will be able to realize these and many more.

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