Some Tips Before And After Undergoing Eye Surgery

Some Tips Before And After Undergoing Eye Surgery

Thanks to technological advances, the precision of laser surgery techniques, and the optimal preparation of the medical professionals who carry them out, the recovery of the patient who performs a laser refractive surgery operation is every time faster while reducing pre and postoperative discomfort. However, it should be remembered that although they are techniques for which hospitalization is not required, and normally the patient can go home after a brief period of control in the clinic, they are surgical procedures. Therefore, the patient must take simple measures to accelerate his recovery and avoid possible complications.

What Should The Patient Do Before The Operation

During the first consultation before the eyes correction surgery (แก้ตา which is the term in Thai), the person who is going to have surgery will have to detail to the doctor the medications that he usually takes and if he suffers or has suffered some important disease or some allergy.

Carry out the treatment indicated for the hygiene of the eyelids and use an eye drops against the prevention of infections, following the instructions of the specialist.

Follow all the instructions made by the doctor and the patient care department.

Advice Once The Intervention Has Been Performed

  • Wear sunglasses as soon as you leave the clinic
  • Rest at home for a few hours and, above all, do not make any physical effort
  • Carefully place the drops or any other treatment that has been prescribed. This issue is essential for good healing and to prevent infections. The drops should be instilled once the hands are thoroughly washed with soap and water, and without the end of the dispenser coming into contact with the eyelid. To ensure greater accuracy, you should always use the hand with which we have the greatest skill.
  • Do not touch or rub the eye that has been operated
  • Follow the controls in your doctor’s office at the frequency indicated