Running is the most popular exercise of our time, which can be more effective with Masteron

Running is the most popular exercise of our time, which can be more effective with Masteron

Running is the most popular exercise of our time, which has the following advantages:

High availability. Everyone can run. It is enough to buy a pair of sneakers (sneakers) and go outside. For running trainings, special conditions are not needed, there is no need to pay for the gym and the opportunity to run.

A high degree of adaptation for each person. Running is the most popular exercise in the world due to the fact that its use is accessible to everyone. Not every person is able to get high from a bench press or squats with a barbell. Everyone can enjoy running. Depending on individual characteristics, each type of running training is suitable for each person.

A variety of training programs. Jogging, running at various distances, sprinting, endurance running, shuttle running, uphill running and other types of running training will not let you get bored during the run.

The opportunity to save time. To visit the gym, you need to get to it, change clothes and, depending on the time of day, wait for the line for the Alpha Pharma Masteron for Sale. Running is the most economical part of a healthy lifestyle. You just leave the house from run where your eyes look. During the time that the average person gets to the gym and returns home (about 60 minutes), 2 full-fledged running workouts can be carried out.

Great benefits for physical and mental health. The benefits of running are so great that we will talk about it in more detail.

The benefits of running

  • The benefits of running are divided into 2 parts:
  • Benefits to the physical body. Improvement, disease prevention and more.
  • Benefits for the psyche. A change in worldview, a decrease in world pressure on the psyche.

The benefits of running for the physical body are as follows:

The energy of man is increasing. All internal organs begin to work with great efficiency, which generates excess energy for the realization of a person in this material world. Most businessmen, politicians and successful people in other industries regularly run or replace jogging with varieties of aerobic exercise. Example: President  regularly engages in swimming. The basis of swimming and running are the same mechanisms. The lungs “pump” a huge amount of oxygen, which stimulates brain activity and improves the functioning of internal organs. Blood is saturated with oxygen, other physical changes occur, which allows reaching new heights in self-realization.

The work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems improves. Heart problems (high-low blood pressure) recede due to the strengthening of blood vessels. Heart rate decreases if it is currently elevated due to weak vessels.

The mood improves. Regular runs increase the level of hormones of happiness (dopamine, endorphins), which improves a person’s mood on an ongoing basis. The hormonal system is being transformed. The level of stress hormones (cortisol) is declining, which leads to a number of positive changes. Skin rashes pass, bad habits like craving for eating nails or touching the face with dirty hands disappear. Such habits are a way to reduce stress hormones. When we bring the level of cortisol to an adequate state with the help of running, the need for habits and their consequences disappear – pimple skin in scars, peeled nails.

The predisposition to “diseases of civilization” is decreasing. All problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle no longer concern you. In the West, they have been struggling with this for a long time: morning jogging has become the norm, and whole training complexes are located in the offices.

Running improves brain activity. Thanks to the “pumping” of the body with oxygen, it becomes easier to engage in mental activity. The thought becomes clearer, it is easier to get the necessary information from the depths of the subconscious. Students with the same level of education, who differ only in their attitude to sports, will learn with different effectiveness. A student who chooses to run in the mornings is able to remember information better and remember it at the right moments. That is why statements like “A healthy mind in a healthy body. But in fact, one of the two “are absurd.

Running is a cleansing mechanism for most systems of the human body. Running training helps to cleanse the lymphatic system, open pores, remove toxins and toxins. Running training can make your body lighter and more mobile without losing weight. With weight loss – doubly light. During the run, harmful substances are eliminated from the body that could accumulate there for decades.

Running is the best training for the cardiovascular system, diseases of which are the main cause of death for 3 out of 4 s aged 45 years and over. Look out the window: 75% of mature men and women will die from heart problems. Now imagine that these people are running. Look at them again. Of the four from heart problems, only one will die. Isn’t it enough to start running today? Given the fact that not only the number of years lived increases, but also the pleasure received from each day lived.

Long (from 60 minutes) runs at an easy pace lead to the accumulation of brown fat, which at times increases your energy. Brown fat is an effective source of energy that you can use every day. The energy effect is comparable to a cup of coffee drunk for a person who has never used this drink. Going to sleep on the way from work? Not enough strength for a wife (girl) after a hard day’s work? Start running in the morning. This will give you 2-4 hours of energetic life after a similarly difficult work day.

This is only an insignificant part of what an amateur athlete receives from regular running training. Regular jogging came into our life not so long ago, and therefore the benefit of running in the scientific world so far comes down to only 100% proven properties.

The benefits of running for a person’s mental state are as follows:

Irritability decreases, the feeling of hostility towards other people decreases. Stress is the main side effect of the speed of development of modern civilization. Due to the increased level of stress hormones, we become irritable, closed and rude to people who have not done us any harm. Running lowers cortisol levels, which not only prolongs life, but also improves our mental state.

The worldview is changing. Thanks to the stimulation of blood circulation in the brain, as well as a change in hormonal levels, you are able to see opportunities that you have not seen before. Depending on the efficiency of the body, a person may have both a positive and a negative worldview. In the first case, you learn to see the possibilities. In the second – obstacles. Running makes you a happier and more efficient person.

Increases motivation, charge for action. Cross-country training regulates the internal reward system. The work of the incentive system is based on the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is a hormone of motivation. Running “cleanses” the reward system, makes dopamine receptors more sensitive to the hormone of motivation. This allows you to realize desires for which you previously lacked the spirit.

Life becomes easier from a psychological point of view. Experienced runners will confirm: after a good run, not only the legs, but also the head become “light”. The heavy thoughts that loaded you before a jog disappear. Between depression and a feeling of happiness, only 60 minutes of running at an easy pace.

Jogging is an opportunity to constructively think about your problems, to understand that they are solvable and not worth your nerves. Thanks to the increased blood circulation in the brain, a person is able to think more soberly and positively.

Regular running at an easy pace is the best exercise for creative people. It is during a leisurely run that ideas and meanings come to mind that contribute to creative realization. Faced a “impossible” task – put on your sneakers, go run. Preferably – to the sea, lake or other water source. This procedure relieves stress, displays the psyche in a constructive way.

Running is a way to break through the psychic pattern. The average person lives the same scenario every day. Awakening-breakfast-work-lunch-work-TV (Internet) -Dinner-dream. From day to day. From month to month. Year after year. The lack of new experiences leads to the fact that life passes too quickly. The subjective sensation of the acceleration of the passage of time is explained by a routine lifestyle. It’s your problem? Right now we turn off the computer, take sneakers and go running. Read the article later.

If you had the strength of mind to go out and run, then you already felt the break in the familiar pattern. You have already seen new opportunities in your life, already understood that to abandon the routine you do not need to be a billionaire, a person with an ideal appearance, health and other attributes of success. Right now you have changed your life with running.

Running harm

Running is the most useful and harmless exercise, but it also has its own “side effects”:

Problems with the cardiovascular system in people who already have serious heart problems. An organism that is in a pre-infarction state will not withstand an hour’s run. Before starting running training, you need to make sure of the health (at least relative) of the cardiovascular system. Special attention should be paid to men and women over the age of 50.

Excessive passion for running. No need to run every day, if it is not about 10-15 minute runs. At least one day (the longer the training, the more days of rest) per week, take a break from running. Otherwise, pain in the muscles and bones, physical and mental overwork.

Incorrect running conditions. Poor-quality sportswear, which can lead to scuffs (chest, groin). Bad shoes, which will lead to the formation of corns and incorrect position of the foot in the sneaker. Equipment not selected for the weather causes overcooling or overheating of the body.

Lack of gradual increase in load. The main harm of running is that beginners use professional programs. An amateur who finds it difficult to run for 10 minutes, with the help of strong-willed efforts runs 60. And so every day. Until the level of stress hormones “rolls over” to a state of apathy and depression. We increase the load gradually. This is the only way to get the full benefit of running.

Diseases, which are a contraindication for running training, can be exacerbated. Proper running is never the cause of illness. But if there is a contraindication to running, the existing problem can be exacerbated.

Incorrect running technique can lead to sprain and other injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Example: training accelerations from a mountain is not the most reckless option of running. It’s much more efficient and safer to work on accelerations uphill.

The harm of running is reduced either to the development of existing serious diseases, or to the incorrect use of running training.

Types of Running

The most popular and effective are the following types of running:

  • Cardio running. Running in the aerobic heart rate zone. A type of run in which the cardiovascular system develops. The pulse is important here, which should be in the range of 110-130 beats per minute. It is with such a pulse that the heart develops as efficiently as possible. This type of running is optimal for people who want to improve heart muscle health.
  • Jogging. The main difference between jogging and jogging in the “cardio” mode is less effective in strengthening the heart muscle. Advantage – you do not need to take a pulse, buy a heart rate monitor. Theoretically, you can jog with a pulse of 110-130. This will be consistent with running in cardio mode.
  • Cross. Long run, the main purpose of which is endurance training. Cross-running also develops heart muscle, but with less efficiency than jogging in the aerobic zone. This is the best kind of endurance run, and one of the most optimal options for cleansing the body.
  • Sprint run. Running for short (50-200 meters) distances. It develops explosive speed, trains muscles in anaerobic mode. Useful for pumping muscle.
  • Shuttle Run. Short-distance running “from chip to chip”. Effective for training muscle power and improving body coordination in space. Allows you to hone your running technique, increase the efficiency of each step. In shuttle racing, it is precisely the technique and speed of movement that come to the fore.
  • Interval run. A great option for the simultaneous study of endurance and muscle strength. The essence of interval running is understandable by its name: a certain interval of time you run at a fast pace, another interval – at a slow pace. The first develops strength and endurance. The second is aimed at speed development.
  • Running uphill. The best kind of running for developing the muscles of the lower body, improving the work of the cardiovascular system, a significant increase in endurance and muscle power. We need a result in the shortest time – run uphill. After a kilometer uphill, 5 kilometers on the plain seem like an easy walk. Running uphill is not only the most effective, but also the most difficult type of running training. It is better for a beginner to beware of this species in the first months of classes. Running uphill is contraindicated for “cores”.

Other types of running are either insignificant for a beginner or become varieties of the above-mentioned running disciplines. We will talk about disciplines like running in place in separate articles of our site.

Running gear

In order to go out and start running, you do not need anything. For especially “cute” ones: not even sneakers are needed. The first run can be done even in slippers or boots.

  • But if you want to get the maximum pleasure and benefit from running, as well as improve your results and “lighten” your legs and psyche, use the following equipment for running:
  • Quality sports shoes. Comfortable, lightweight running shoes. With suitable size and design.
  • Comfortable, high-quality sportswear that will not lead to scuffs in problem areas. About how to choose sportswear with minimal cost, we talked about at the link above.
  • Special equipment for running training. Various accessories that increase the efficiency of each workout increase the interest and pleasure of the training process. These accessories include:
  • Training masks. They increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs in conditions of oxygen deficiency. In the process of running take part:
  • Muscles, ligaments and joints. Running speed depends on their development.
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The heart and lungs limit the athlete’s progress rate in 80% of cases. Only athletes who purposefully work on the development of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems receive the maximum result in the shortest possible time.
  • Brain. The connection between the brain and muscles is important for the development of all body systems, for setting the correct running technique.
  • Training mask develops the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Under conditions of hypoxia, the body collects additional forces, the concentration at each step increases. Due to this, the running technique is improved.

Two of the three running systems are developed using the Training Mask.

A parachute for running and other similar in design, and strange at first glance, accessories. An accessory that is designed to increase running speed. More effective than weighting agents. The essence of running parachutes is creating resistance that a runner must overcome. The body gets used to training with a parachute, adapts to resistance. At the right time, we take off the parachute, and show the result 10-30% faster than without training with it.

Weighting. The principle of operation is similar. The body gets used to a larger body mass when running, adapts to it. At the right time, we remove the weights and run faster than if we worked without them. The disadvantage of weighting agents is that, unlike a parachute, they overload the joints, lead to wear out of bone tissue. Plus – weighting agents are less noticeable than a parachute for running.

Jump rope. It works on all three functions (muscles, heart-lungs, brain-muscle connection) that are involved in running. Using the rope, you can both increase the explosive strength of muscles, and work on endurance, develop the heart and lungs, pump calves and other muscles of the lower body, and also get rid of excess weight. Speed ??skipping in this regard is more effective. For the same time period, you can do more work than with a normal skipping rope. Example: an hour of jumping on an ordinary skipping rope burns about 900 calories (depending on the intensity, the figure can decrease or increase). At high-speed – 1100 energy units.

Various expanders and elastic loops with which you can work out the target muscles at the right angle. An alternative is to work with the barbell and dumbbells, but they are better used to gain total muscle mass, which not every runner needs. Depending on the type of work, you select the right equipment for strength training. The shorter the target distance, the higher the need for strength training with a barbell and dumbbells. The more work is aimed at endurance, the more necessary expanders and ribbons. Look at the training of skiers: for them, an expander is no less important than a barbell. In sprint training, expanders and ribbons are almost never used.

Training programs for running

Here are the programs for which you will have to pay several hundred dollars to compile in an average fitness club. These schemes allow even the most inexperienced beginner to start running from scratch.

These schemes are general, not highly specialized. They allow you to develop all indicators of the body at an average rate. Progress can only be as quick as possible if the program is designed to meet a specific goal. We will help you draw up such schemes in separate articles in this section.

These schemes serve as an example of building the right training program. Adjust them according to your own goals.

Avoid overtraining. Observe the principle of progression of loads. If the feeling “everything is tired” appears and does not disappear 2 days after the training, “roll back” in the load for 1-2 weeks.

Trained people may not start the program from the first weeks. The first schemes are designed for a beginner who does not know how to run at all.

Muscle Gain Jogging

Running for weight loss and gaining muscle mass has a number of differences.

When gaining muscle mass, jogging is used for the following purposes:

The development of the cardiovascular system. A set of muscle mass is a complex process that is impossible without the development of all body systems. If your heart is capable of supporting weight of only 70 kilograms, the body will by all means interfere with muscle building. Increase your heart volume – muscle growth will accelerate.

Pumping the muscles of the lower body. Running allows you to work out the calves, back and front of the thigh, buttocks, as well as other muscles of the lower body. The muscles of the press are included in the work, all the muscles of the upper body receive a load.

Running while gaining muscle mass can be used as an easy recovery workout. A light run on the day or the day after a workout allows you to remove excess lactic acid, load the muscles with light work. This will accelerate the onset of supercompensation by 20-50%.

Running workouts while gaining muscle mass are used as an additional source of anabolic hormones. Some types of running activity can “boost” testosterone levels by 10-30%.

Running for gaining muscle mass is:

Running workouts in cardio mode. Such training is designed to increase heart capacity, expand the body’s ability to gain muscle mass.

Sprint run. Runs at 100, 200, 400 meters, shuttle speeding. The muscles of the lower body develop, the athlete receives the effect of hormonal tolerance. Sprinting boosts testosterone, which speeds up progress in bodybuilding.

Running for weight loss

Running for weight loss is significantly different from running for gaining muscle mass. Running for weight loss is:

Burning maximum calories. For this purpose, long, low-intensity runs are used.

The fight against edema and “fat”, which is not such. Body cleansing. Running training for weight loss should remove toxins and toxins from the body, which accumulated there for years. Due to this, the efficiency of all organs increases, weight decreases, and health improves.

Replacing the source of pleasure. Most obese people receive the main pleasure in life from eating delicious food. This is the lowest taste that a person can experience in his life. The buzz from a healthy body and spirit, the buzz from the realization that you can change your life significantly exceeds the pleasure of the most delicious food. Running training for weight loss leads to the release of dopamine (the hormone of pleasure and motivation) in dosages that exceed the “doses” of the hormone of happiness from the most unhealthy foods. Physical activity for weight loss should help a person overcome food addiction. This does not mean giving up “gastric pleasure.” This enjoyment is natural. The bottom line is not to make food the meaning of life. Only then can overweight be defeated.

The development of the cardiovascular system. Fast weight gain or loss is a shock to the cardiovascular system. We must prepare the heart for weight loss, otherwise it may “come back” with health problems in the future.

Running for weight loss is:

  • Cross running. Long running exercises to develop stamina and burn excess calories.
  • Running in cardio mode. For the development of the cardiovascular system and weight loss.
  • Jogging. As a recovery training. It also contributes to fat burning.
  • Shuttle Run. As an alternative to sprinting, which is difficult for overweight people to master. Promotes the release of hormones that accelerate fat burning.
  • These training programs can be changed depending on the level of your own training. For an example, see the subheading “Running Training Programs.”

Recovery after running

Recovery from running is an important process without which all the text written above has no practical meaning. In order to understand how to run correctly, you need to divide the training process into the following stages:

Muscle cell trauma. Occurs during training. Running is stress for the muscles. Stress, which is the basis for future muscle growth.

Recovery of muscle fibers. It starts immediately after the workout. Damaged muscles begin to recover to pre-workout parameters. The duration of the recovery phase depends on the severity of the training and the quality of the recovery work.

Supercompensation. Muscles recovered to pre-workout values. In the phase of supercompensation, the body makes a reserve in case of recurrence of similar stress.

New trauma. This phase of running training is included in the supercompensation phase. Here the body receives a load more than at the first stage, but the “complexity” of this load does not change due to the created reserve. This is followed by recovery, supercompensation and new traumatization. Repeat until satisfied with the result.

Loss of supercompensation. It comes in the event that we have not repeatedly injured the muscles in the overcompensation phase. The muscles return to the pre-training level. In the next workout, you can do the same amount of work (no more than it should be) as in the previous one.

The secret of progress lies in constant training in the supercompensation phase.

Most beginners train in the recovery phase, when running not only makes no sense, but also damages your physical and mental state. The body has just begun to recover after a workout, and we are already loading it with the next workout. The level of stress hormones increases, with time there is an aversion to running and other types of physical activity.

But you want to train more often, you want to achieve results faster. To do this, we have the following recommendations:

Do not exercise until you no longer feel muscle pain. Work on the days of the week is a convention that everyone can adjust for themselves.

To speed up the recovery of the psyche, use our motivation section, which will fill everyone with new psychological forces.

Increase the duration of sleep after training by 30-60 minutes. Take care of the quality of a night’s rest. Physical and mental stress increase the need for quality rest at night.

Adjust your diet, satisfy the body’s needs for proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories, vitamins and trace elements. You can read more about how nutrition helps in recovery here and here.

Use water procedures to remove lactic acid and speed up recovery processes in the body. Contrast showers, contrasting douche, bathing in ice water, and simple dousing with cold water are the best restorative procedures that are used by almost all the best athletes of our time.

Use the principles of healthy lifestyle. The more healthy your body is, the faster all recovery processes will proceed.

Learn how the hormonal system works. Misunderstanding of the biochemistry of the body often leads to failures not only in the training process, but also in everyday life. To restore the body after training, anabolic hormones are needed, the production of which can be increased without pills, injections and harm to health.

Do light workouts. You can jog, stretch or work with an expander between hard workouts. It is important to get high from this work, and not to exert yourself physically and psychologically.

How to increase your stamina while running