What is the quickest way to look 10 years younger_ Botox or fillers

What is the quickest way to look 10 years younger_ Botox or fillers

We may often hear the terms “botox” and “filler” as aesthetic procedures performed to enhance your beauty.

Botox and filler. These two things might not be something we talk about openly. However, we must admit we are curious about them.

Botox and filler have differences, namely, the ingredients used by the two products are different. It is equally injected by entering the fluid into our skin tissue. Botox was launched under the name Botulinum toxin A, which is a pure protein extracted from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum; a process of purifying proteins from bacteria. This is the same as protein purification in other antibiotic drugs. Therefore, Botox is more accurately said to be a drug, not a cosmetic

To understand the difference, you must understand that there are two types of wrinkles on the face. 

  1. Dynamic wrinkles: These wrinkles are caused by muscle activity due to movement. For example wrinkles at the tip of the eye due to a smile, or wrinkles on the forehead when we raise eyebrows. This type of wrinkling is caused by movements on the face. 
  2. Static wrinkles: These wrinkles are lines or folds that will be seen when the face is relaxed for example, the smile line next to the lips. This type of wrinkles due to skin elasticity and collagen which decreases with age.

Dynamic wrinkles are better suited to be repaired using the Botox procedure. Areas that are usually repaired are the upper face of the eyes, the area between the eyebrows and forehead. While static wrinkles are more often repaired using botox (for sagging muscles) and combined with fillers (to remove the remaining facial lines). A filler can be used to fill in the volume on the lower face, such as cheeks and smile lines. In addition, the filler can also be used to increase volume, such as the prominent cheekbones due to age or to make lips look fuller. Most patients do not need anaesthesia to undergo botox or fillers, except in sensitive areas such as the lips because filler fluid will be injected. Not all wrinkles and skin folds need to be treated the same. In addition, it is not common to use face fillers and botox at one appointment. 

And, for the durability of the results, Botox can only last about 6 months, while the filler can last for one year. Both results can last longer even up to two years if repeated according to the recommended time. The results of Botox and filler injections that are natural and stable are dependent on the quality of the injection technique of the doctor from the clinic (Botox injection by Nexus Clinic) we choose.  Keep in mind, fillers are more than just to beautify your face and faster procedure than any other treatment. Usually, people who underwent fillers procedure are often addicted, they want to keep doing it. Actually, it’s not good, as it will make the shape of the face changing from the beginning So if you are interested in doing this procedure, consult a doctor or beautician and make sure to do it safely. If it is asked between Botox or filler, which one is better, of course, this is back again in its purpose and function. Now, what can be recommended, when you want to do botox or filler, you must know your health condition or medical history before taking any injection.