Make water more sustainable with RO UV water purifier

Make water more sustainable with RO UV water purifier

Water helps us to be hydrated and fit. As almost 60% of our body weight comprises of water, it has a crucial role in the physiological system of our bodies. Water helps in regulating many biological reactions taken place in our bodies. Water acts as a mediator in delivering nutrients to body cells to keep our bodies healthy. Flushing out wastes from our body is also done by water. So, in nutshell water is inseparable from our lives because of having extreme importance. We have to consume 2-3 litres of water on average to keep us safe from dehydration. So, a large quantity of water is needed daily to keep our system healthy, and this ample amount of water has to be pure and potable or safe for drinking. Otherwise, impure water intake can cause life-threatening hazards and even death too.  So, it is very important to drink safe to use water to lead a hazard-free life. And here comes the importance of water purifiers. The water is generally contaminated with so many substances including arsenic, cadmium, barium, chromium, ammonia etc. There can be numerous germs and living microbes in your drinking water too if not treated properly. Water purifiers help to get rid of this contamination and provide us with potable water.

Modern technologies that have been applied on water purifiers to achieve the best result include RO technology, UF technology, UV technology etc. Before any advanced technology showed up, there was a practice of chlorination or adding chlorine to the water.

The ancient practice of purifying water

People used to add chlorine to the water to make it safe for drinking. But researches and studies showed that though it is effective in killing toxic material present in water, chlorine itself is toxic to our body. So, the over intake of chlorine can level up the toxicity and can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain etc. So, there was a need for modern technology to bring us something capable of purifying water without causing any harm to us.

Modern technologies used nowadays in water purifiers

RO Technology

The RO technology or reverse osmosis technology is considered to be one of the most efficient ones to eradicate the harmful microbes and toxic material from water and makes it potable. The hard water requires this treatment because it works well on hard water. A semi-permeable membrane is used here to trap all the impurities dissolved in water. The pores present in the membrane traps the unwanted material, and the pure, clear water is left for drinking.

The UF technology

UF technology resembles Ultrafiltration technology. This is almost as same as the RO technology. But the only difference between the two processes is that UF technology is done with the help of the semi-permeable membrane, which has more prominent pores. The water coming off from RO technology sometimes lacks in minerals, but the UF technology has overcome the issue.

UV Technology

The ultraviolet ray is the key to UV technology. This technology is comprised of a lamp that emits UV ray. This UV ray works as a miracle in terms of destroying harmful and toxic microbes. Almost 99.99% microbes can be killed at once, and complete pure water is ensured. This is the most effective techniques to be used in the water purifier to date.

There are several water purifiers available in the market consisting of the technologies mentioned above. It seems like a challenge to sort out the best water purifiers that too within budget. The efficiency of RO and UV water purifier seems like a magic as the water purifies consist of both of the technologies to minimize the chance of contamination. Here some suggestions of best ro uv water purifier are mentioned for your help-

Blue Star Aristo RO and UV 7 Litre Water Purifier

  • It consists of the latest technology that is RO+UV filtration
  • A giant 10-inch Large filter for effective cleaning of water
  • Child lock feature for any mishandling by children
  • Alerts and indicators to make you updated what is going on

Aquasure from Eureka Forbes 6 Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

  • It consists of an energy-saving facility that ensures minimum consumption of electrics.
  • It can function efficiently at 230 watts
  • It has a 6 litres water storage capacity with water level indicator to detect the purification level
  • the MTDS technology helps to control the taste of water. In India, we have so many sources to get our drinking water. Hence, it is essential to maintain the flavour.

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO+UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

  • The water purification system consists of six stages
  • Added mineralizer for healthy water
  • Food grade plastic is used for the water tank

 These are some of the best ro and uv water purifier available in the market recommended by users.