products for strighten Hair in Brooklyn

products for strighten Hair in Brooklyn

Do you dream of changing your image or are you just tired of naughty curls? There are many reasons why a man decides to straighten his hair. As well as the methods by which this can be achieved.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the growth of male hair: Thanks to it they are denser and faster get dirty.

Due to the high density, curly and wavy male hair is more difficult to straighten. However, too aggressive techniques are not suitable for them. Mostly male hair is shorter than female one, therefore procedures associated with increased stress can lead to increased loss.

To retain freshness longer after a home or salon straightening, products and compositions (including keratin) should be applied with a slight deviation from the roots. So the curls remain lush and fresh for a longer time.

But you can quickly straighten wavy or curly hair before a date or a business meeting without resorting to salon procedures. All you need is to choose the right product.

The main purpose of hair wax is to fix protruding Brooklyn hairstyles on ultra-short hair. But few people know that this product copes well with the opposite task, smoothing the structure of curls, and as a bonus – providing them with thermal protection.

The three main components in a hair gel are water, polymers, nutrients, and sometimes alcohol (for oily hair). Extra strong hold gels for very curly and naughty hair have a more jelly-like texture. Products for wavy hair are transparent and liquid. Using this product, you can create a lush and smooth hairstyle, the difference will only be in the nature of the application.

Oil. This multi-functional product has long been firmly established in women’s cosmetic bags. But men often ignore it. In vain! With proper use, the tool will not only help to find the desired smoothness of curls, but also protect them from damage.


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