What must be your essential gym equipment in your personal studio gym space?

What must be your essential gym equipment in your personal studio gym space?

You have to be smart when planning to build your training studio. Your space might not be enough, like in the gym and health clubs. It can help you know what equipments you can use in your small space gym. You don’t have to follow the lists when you plan to buy equipment. You can have your basic setups like dumbbells, resistance bands, and a bench that can give you a good workout. You have the freedom of what you want to have in your home studio gym. 


You have to invest in cardio equipment. When you can afford it, you can include a different set of machines. But when you only like to have one, the treadmill is your wise choice. You need to have a device that offers various speeds, inclines, and heart rate monitoring. 

Training bench 

The training bench is an adjustable platform where it performs weight training exercises. It is necessary to have an adjustable training bench to move it from flat to incline position. You can find different training benches online, but you have to look for a durable and flexible bar.

Stationary bicycle

It is an alternative to the treadmill and rowing machine, suitable for cardiovascular training. It gives you a low-impact way to get a reasonable heart rate. 

Dumbbell set

It is one of the critical pieces of gym equipment that ranges from light to heaviest. The set offers different shapes, sizes, and materials that can now make from plastic-coated to metal material. It will depend on what kind of materials you will use in your home studio. 

Rowing machine 

You can do many things when you have a rowing machine. Unlike a treadmill and bike, it can focus on your lower body and offer a full-body workout. And it is ideal for burning calories and perfect to give low-impact cardio. 


Fitness ball 

You can do many exercises using a fitness ball, especially core exercises. It can add stability to moving like bicep curls, plank, or chest presses. 

Elliptical trainers 

Elliptical trainers or cross-trainers are giving a circular motion that is a cross between a stair-stepper and a ski machine. Many are using this machine because it provides an impact-free workout. You can adjust or manually on other models and levers with handgrips to work on your upper body level. Sometimes you may take a while to get used to the motion. You have to go for comfortable handlebars and nonslip pedals with curved ridges when looking. You can try buying it at cross-trainers Australia to make you feel stable, and it has different speeds. 

Kettlebell set 

Kettlebell sets are an alternative to dumbbells because they have a little difference. You can use this set when you like to get a different muscle profile, especially your core. It is the same with dumbbells that offer different shapes, weights, and sizes. 


This equipment is essential in bigger gyms, but it is not for all gyms—another thing you have to think about is the space. You have to be smart about what equipment you are going to buy.