Different roles of the nurse:

Different roles of the nurse:

The different roles of nurses are based primarily on the level of education and experience. Following are some of the roles of nurses:

  • Registered nurses help the doctors to carry on the treatment of the patient in a good manner. Nurses are also able to set the apparatus and machinery for the doctor, and they have a deep knowledge to read the reports and analytics from modern machinery. These nurses have a bachelor degree in nursing.
  • Licensed nurses have at least an associate degree in nursing. These nurses have a variety of tasks to perform. These nurses check the condition of patients regularly, and they make reports. Their job also includes checking the medicines of the patients regularly.
  • A nurse specialist is quite experienced in her field. She uses her experience and knowledge to get the patients out of the disease.
  • A nurse practitioner works under a physician. She is capable of diagnosing disease. She is also able to make a treatment plan for the betterment of the patients.
  • An intensive care unit registered nurse has more experience in her field. Therefore, she performs her duty at the sensitive place. She also serves as a communicator between the patient and the relatives of the patients.1

Purpose of the nursing department:

The purpose of nurses is advocated completely by the nature of their work. Better healing of the patients is observed by the duty of nurses. Nurses can relieve the patient from mental stress. Nursing care for patients at home [พยาบาลดูแลผู้ป่วยที่บ้าน which is the term in thai] is an easy way of getting a patient out of worries. They are particularly trained in humor so they can make the patient mentally stable. When a person gets stable mentally, all the other problems of his life disappear in no time. Without nursing, the proper care and fast recovery of the patients would not be possible. Doctors diagnose the patients but do not develop a sort of relationship with the patient for treatment.

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