Maintain your oral hygiene for getting best oral health

Maintain your oral hygiene for getting best oral health

There are lots of bacteria living in your mouth in which many bacteria cause plaque, cavities, and gingivitis. If you want to enhance your smile then it is important for you to develop healthy oral hygiene habits every day. Regular dentist check up of teeth can maintain the health of your teeth and provide you the best smile with healthy teeth and gum. With the help of oral hygiene tips by the dentist you can minimize the risk of tooth decay and surgeries. 

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Use proper brushing technique –   if you want to maintain your oral hygiene then you should use proper brushing technique. You should place the brush at 45 degree angle against your gum than move your brush back gently in short strokes.  It is important for you to brush the outer, inner and chewing surface of teeth for cleaning your teeth and prevent the chances of infection. For fresh breath, you should also brush your tongue. 

Pick right brush – if you are choosing brush then you should select the right size of brush head and bristles. For cleaning every corner of your teeth you should chose small head brush with soft bristles so that you can easily clean the hidden food debris. With the help of dentists, you can choose the right kind of brush for cleaning your teeth, gum and tongue. 

Floss properly – like brushing, it is important for you to do flossing properly.  You should hold the floss tightly between thumb and forefinger. With the help of gentle rubbing, you should guide the flossing. If floss reaches on the tooth line then you should curve it into C-shape against one tooth. You should repeat this process many times for cleaning your teeth.  By flossing your teeth, you can also remove the debris from the teeth that your brush does not remove.